Iron On Patches

Iron On Patches

Hi and congratulations on owning one of only one hundred of these unique Nelson Bay Australia iron-on patches.

Please see below for instructions on how to iron on to virtually anything!

Step 1 – Prepare the Iron

If you want to attach your patch firmly onto the garment, you need to set the iron to its highest setting. A little advice before getting started is that iron-on patches work well with polyester, cotton, but it might damage rayon, nylon, or silk. So best to avoid them.

Step 2 – Place Your Patch

Lay the cloth flat on the iron board and position your patch on the cloth. It’s essential to choose the perfect position where your patch will look good and easily seen. For instance, if you are placing at the centre, make sure to use a measuring tape to find the perfect spot. If you are attaching to the sleeves, you can add pins to secure it.

Step 3 – Always Use Pressing Cloth

It is vital to protect your fabric from excessive heat. So, it would help if you placed a pressing cloth between the iron and the patch. It can be either a damp towel or a pillowcase. Never skip this step, as the heat from the iron can damage the adjacent garment.

Step 4 – Press the Iron

Take the iron and press it down on the cloth, hold it there for 30-45 seconds. Apply maximum pressure, so the adhesive on the patch can be activated. The more pressure you apply, the better will be the hold of the patch on the fabric. Do not move the iron around the fabric when you are pressing the patch; it will damage the garment.

Step 5 – Flip and Repeat

After attaching the patch on the fabric, turn your cloth inside out and lay it on the ironing board. Now place the pressing cloth on the reverse side of the patch and do step 4 again to ensure that your patch is correctly attached to the garment even from inside. When the patch is entirely ready, leave it for at least 24 hours to set before washing or wearing it. Always use cold water to wash the patch in as warm or hot will melt the adhesive and may cause detaching.

Follow these instructions and you should receive many happy years from your patch.

The Dolphin and Whale Watch Nelson Bay Team